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Using GreyRadius’s one-stop competitive and market intelligence consulting services. Get actionable insights for multiple growth functions.

Who We Are

Business Growth Consultant leveraging Competitive and Market Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Boost Your Company's Growth with Our Business Growth Consultant. Get a Skillful Evaluation of Competitors' Tactical and Strategic Approaches, Tracked across Functional Levels.

Market Intelligence

With Professional Advice from Greyradius Business Growth Consultant, Uncover Crucial Market Insights. Understand key market trends to explore opportunities, and overcome obstacles.

Strategic Intelligence

Get access to Strategic Advisory Insights to grow your business and reach new markets. Well-informed choices create the foundation for a thriving future to meet your desired objectives.

When it comes to providing organizations with thorough market and competition insights, GreyRadius is the Business Growth Consultant. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to offering insightful counsel and doable suggestions that are based on careful data analysis. We go deeper than meets the eye, examining a broad range of sources to provide a comprehensive assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of your rivals. Our market intelligence consulting services provide you with the knowledge necessary to successfully traverse the market landscape, with a particular focus on consumer behavior and market trends.

Success in the ever changing corporate environment of today depends on keeping up with the latest trends. Here at GreyRadius, we wholeheartedly support this idea. In order to help you increase market share, launch new goods and services, and keep up with emerging technology, we, as your reliable partner, are dedicated to providing the best intelligence consulting services. Our all-encompassing strategy for providing intelligence consultancy aims to enable companies in a range of sectors.

We urge you to browse our website in order to learn more about what we have to offer and get to know our team. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to find out more about how our Business Growth Consultant can help your company grow. We excitedly await the chance to work with you and support the ongoing growth of your company.

What We Offer
Business Growth Consultant

For Sales and
marketing teams

Strength and Weakness Analysis
GTM planning
Digital Marketing Benchmarking
Win-Loss Analysis
Targeted Accounts Report

Business Growth Consultant

For Product

Competitor Product Benchmarking
Competitor Product Updates
Product Evaluation
Pricing Mix
New Product Launches

Business Growth Consultant

For Strategy and
leadership teams

Industry and Market Assessment
Competitive Benchmarking
Go-to-Market Planning
Gap Analysis
Customer Need Analysis
Periodical Newsletters with Insights

About Us
GreyRadius is a Business growth consultant services provider with a goal to provide insight-driven actionable data intelligence to assist businesses in making wise decisions.

Your Trusted Partner

For each of your particular functional teams, a dedicated CiMi partner will provide you with comprehensive competition and market intelligence insights.

Real-Time Insights

Human curation team provides real-time data collection and processing on your competitors and markets to yield actionable insights for informed decision making.

Consultative Approach

Offerings that stand out that use a consultative approach to solve clients' business issues with supported advice and plans for action.

Experienced Management

You have 50 man years of industry expertise, giving you the ability to manage numerous clients internationally in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC areas.


Pool of sector-focused experts to cater to your industry-specific business problems

– These experts provide you with taxonomy, template / dashboard as per your specific industry and functional domains

Automated data solutions for increased efficiency by leveraging CiMi intelligence software

Our partner supported AI-enabled CiMi software provides you with customized information sourcing

Secondary and primary research capabilities that ensure that you are not missing on any relevant information

 We offer up-to-date information from both internal and external data sources

Why choose us

Our Advantages

Actionable Insights

A business growth consultant delivers advanced insights beyond basic data reports, empowering functional teams to make more informed decisions.

Real-time information

We rely on automated industry-recognized data sources to keep you informed on the most recent corporate and market developments.

Domain expertise

As a business growth consultant, gather market and competitive insights from operational data and key performance indicators to inform strategies. 

Exhaustive info coverage

A business growth consultant ensures comprehensive coverage through a variety of secondary resources, bolstered by primary research and expert insights.


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